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Because there is so much turbulence in the world these days, people are desperately looking for alternative ways to relieve stress. As a result, a lot of people have discovered the magical benefits of yoga, just as I have.
Due to yoga’s increase in popularity, more studios are now requiring their instructors to get yoga certified. And I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?
Though the US doesn’t require a yoga teacher to be certified or registered as of yet, I believe that it would be a wise move for teachers to acquire yoga instructor certification sooner rather than later. See the reasons here as to why you might want to be yoga certified.
Having said that, there is nothing better than to get yoga certification online. There is such a sense of freedom when you take courses on the internet. This makes it possible to study and take the tests when you want to, at your own pace and spend more time with your family. It’s all good!
I sure hope that the information provided here answers your questions about yoga teacher certification, and will enable you to move forward in your life – wherever and whatever that may be.

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Welcome, yogis and yoginis!

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You've probably noticed that, slowly but surely, more studios now require their teachers to be certified yoga instructors. And, rightly so.

I am sure you will agree that yoga certification is a benefit to both the teachers and the students alike.